This Drowning Kid Prank Almost Gave Me Mini Heart Attack

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This one is really amazing. This man asks the visitors around to click one or two pics of him with his little baby, but guess what happen when the baby slips to the ocean? Check this humor filled video .

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This cell notification prank is seriously gonna hurt everyone with cell phone

Most of us feel terrible when notifications constantly appear on the cell phone. Guess what will happen when they hear notification tone and after the open their phone see nothing. It’s pretty darn fast, as this video from the social

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Export your profile, ORKUT is shutting down today

If you want to revisit your past, visit now, as today, the ORKUT social networking site is going to shutdown officially. Due to less no of users and growing popularity of other social networking sites, google decided to finally shut

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Check How Some Daily Used Objects View Under Microscope

You won’t believe but when you put┬áthese everyday use things under microscope, what you see is amazing. you can either name them either creepy or magnificent, but one thing you will surely gonna admit, they are awful. Check them out.

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Some Famous Cartoons Lookalikes

Well, have you ever wondered if cartoons lookalikes exist. May be you have already search this thing much on the internet in the past or somewhere else but got nothing. So here i am to show you some of the

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