Even the silly owner’s trick won’t stop this talented cat to get inside

Mulder the cat can go anywhere in the house and no door will stop him! The silly owner even thought a tub of water in front of the door would stop him, but nope. This cat’s amazing talent is just

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This epic video by world’s coolest dad will blow you away

There are parents out there that just really get what it’s like to be a kid. Most grown-ups, over time, forget how important it is to be silly, to play and to forget what other people think of you. The dad over at Action Movie

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She Looked Like Just Another Street Performer, But Then She Started Singin

This singer has got plenty of “sole”, which is odd, because she’s not actually wearing any shoes. This amazing street performance by Sammie Jay was filmed by an excited onlooker as she performed her own original song, Killing Me Slowly, in the middle

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