These things which you think your school teachers don’t know about you but they do

  Most of us think that our teachers don’t know much of us, and try to make them fool one way or other but wait, are you sure they don’t know much about you. Well, checkout these 18 things below

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These pictures show why it’s tough being father

It’s always been hard being good dad, but here are some useful tips which will make your way towards good dad much clear. 1. Make it a habit of using only one hand for work, why? check below   2.

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These funny animal faceswaps are hilariously incredible

Ever wondered how animals look like if they have their faces swapped? Well in real world it may not be possible right now but in digital world anything is possible. Checkout what happens when the face of these animals gets swapped

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This Drowning Kid Prank Almost Gave Me Mini Heart Attack

4.8 out of 5 Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

This one is really amazing. This man asks the visitors around to click one or two pics of him with his little baby, but guess what happen when the baby slips to the ocean? Check this humor filled video .

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The only word for these pics is hilarious

Did you ever see something and wonder, “Is that going to end well?” Of course you have. These things aren’t always something to laugh about, or at least aren’t obviously funny at first. But when you see these in-you-face insanely doomed pictures,

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