This doctor fall in love with his patient, but what happened next will shock you

Doctor patient relationship is very unique relationship, where doctors are expected to be kind with their patients, because that’s what make their patients feel safe. But today we are going to tell you one such relationship where this doctor fall

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This owl is blind but it holds the universe in his eyes

One morning, a man in Southern California, USA found an injured owl in his porch. Later it was found blind, however there was sometime unique in his eyes. Although he was blind, his eyes were sparkling. This blind owl was handed over to California’s

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This combination of human body with animal head will give you sleepless nights

Venice based, Italian artist Francesco Sambo’s Bestiary is the combination of digitally prepared mashup pics of human body with animal heads. Although this one sounds little weird but the actual results are much more scary, have a look on it. The combination of

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