These pictures show why it’s tough being father

These pictures show why it’s tough being father

October 4, 2014

It’s always been hard being good dad, but here are some useful tips which will make your way towards good dad much clear.

1. Make it a habit of using only one hand for work, why? check below


2. Well it smells bad but vomiting will happen


3. Your baby is going to eat almost anything, so be prepare to control that


4. Leaving them alone may cause trouble to them, and you as well

5. You should neither sit on them


6. Nor eat them


7. Markers should be away from their reach


8. You should have some lightening fast reflexes


9. Keep your hair strong


10. Get prepared for sleepless nights



11. They are kind of daredevil


12. They will jump on you like a trampoline

 13. Be prepared for some funny moments