These selfies are taken just a moment before death,

These selfies are taken just a moment before death,

September 20, 2014

When we take pictures, we want to capture a moment…something that we can cherish later. With the advent of smart phones equipped with cameras, taking ‘selfies’ has become a craze of sorts. People go to extreme lengths to take pictures of themselves in the most bizarre situations. Sadly, for some unlucky ones, some of those moments turned out to be their last. This need for increasingly putting oneself at risk to take more spectacular and risky self portraits to outdo others on social networking platforms, needs to stop immediately.

1. This 17 year old Russian girl, Xenia Ignatyeva, took a selfie from a bridge 28 feet off the ground, to impress her friends. She lost her balance and fell on a cable,that tragically electrocuted her to death.


2. In December 9, 2012, Mexican pop star Jenni Rivera and her entourage of six, took this selfie right before taking off on a private jet which sadly crashed and left no survivors.



3. On April 26, 2014,Courtney Sanford (32) crashed her car and died just seconds after posting her selfie on Facebook, while listening to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’. The crash into a truck proved to be fatal.



4. This is a selfie snapped by the famous Puerto Rican musician Jadiel, uploaded to Instagram moments before he had a fatal motorcycle crash in New York in May, 2014.


5. Gary Slok and his mother took this selfie minutes before taking off from Amsterdam on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down over Ukraine in July, 2014.


6. 21-year old Mexican, Oscar Otero Aguilar, lost his life when he tried to take a selfie with a gun, for his Facebook page in July of 2014.


7. This 13-year-old girl named Karen Hernández wanted to take a selfie on the banks of the El Tunal river in Durango, Mexico. Unfortunately she fell into the river and drowned; firefighters recovered her body in July.