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This is how boys approach girls, its really funny

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Another hilarious video by YTV Network shows how the delhi boys approach girls.  You will be delighted to know their response as much of them are very funny. Also don’t forget to see the part at 2:34.

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Ranbeer’s Answer to Hrithik’s Challenge

This is what happened when one of the bollywood celebrities challenged another, watch the video

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The debate between these kids will surely gonna hit straight to your heart

Despite what the little boy’s mom told him in the video above, the jury is still out on whether it’s raining or sprinkling. But we don’t care. As far we’re concerned, these toddlers can debate forever and ever about this

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This fluffy cat has some weird and funny experience with lemon, check this out

Cats are so darn cute. Well, DUH! That’s why we’re obsessed with taking videos and a bazillion photos of them, and watching more GIFs online than we care to admit. Everything they do seems like a capture worthy moment. Especially

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These babies and dogs have their own funny chemistry, check them out

These baby and dogs have their own funny chemistry. They’re best friends, check out the video, its really ausome.

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