9 funny facts no one tells you before you have a baby

Well it’s true that having a child is the most beautiful and magical moment of your child. That neverending love that you feel while holding those tiny hands of your child fills your day with joy. But there are some crazy things that happen and no one, not even your nearest friends having child tell you about this. And here are is the list of some of those things that no one mentions to the parents raising the child.

1. Turn your head for a second and they can turn anything to a mess, and when i say anything i mean anything. They are MacGyver of messes.

2. Your whole day will be revolving around three things: smell, texture and frequency of poops.

3. You are going to leave friendship with the ones, who comes over too much, talks too much, and walks and distracts your baby just when you are done sleeping him.

4. You will feel of stupid when you child start asking questions about animals and then your realise you don’t know even half of them.

5. One day while looking over to your child’s room, you think that you didn’t buy all those toys there, but they are increasing day by day, are they mating or what?

6. Now those days are done, when you just grab the keys of car and go for shopping, but now you have to take care of certain things first, like you now have to strap in your child, make sure you have good amount of snacks, milk and diapers and after you have all these things, next thing that you have decide now is which place to go visit now.

7. The terms like “sleep like a baby” is a horrible lie, there is no such thing like that. Kids have no idea when they have to sleep, and which means that you have to stay awake most of the time.

8. Now you’ll be able to interpret gibberish english to normal words, like when your kids say “flahaba”, you know that they actually mean “banana”.

9. Those sentimental, sweet and emotional commercials about the kid will actually make you weep out loud now.

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