These are some freaky yet interesting facts about your eyes, which you surely don’t know yet

Your eyes are surely the most beautiful yet important part of your life. But do you know everything about it, well below are some of the interesting facts which you surely don’t know.

1. Your eyes constantly does this movement called as “microsaccades”, which prevents the image from fading away.

2. The size of human remains constant. however when you are born, you are only able to see few inches away.

3. Human eyes actually perceives the images upside down and then its the brain that flips them away so that you can see right image.

4. The composition of your tears is different which depeds on whether you are crying, laughing or having irritated eyes.

5. Our eyes cannot see red color instead uses the mix of green and yellow to perceive red.

6. Persons having blue eyes share common ancestors

7. If you have 20/20 vision, then it doesn’t make you have good eyesight, instead that figure just means that you can see 20 feet in front of you as well as normal person.

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