Good and Bad effects of caffeine on your body

Good and Bad effects of caffeine on your body

‘Hold on please, let me have some coffee first’.

We use to hear something like this in our day to day life from our friends, colleagues, and home, but do you know how much this coffee affects your body, more clearly speaking how much this caffeine? Actually this has both good and bad effects. So it also helps your body in one way but also badly affect it on other. Below discussed are some of these, check’em out

1. Good: Caffeine increases metabolic rate.

2. Bad: Caffeine may reduce control of fine motor movement skills.

3. Good: Caffeine is the good source antioxidants which helps in  reducing free radicals of the body.

4. Bad: Studies show that caffeine may increase cortisol secretion, which can suppress the working of immune system of the body and can lead to cardiovascular related diseases.

5. Good: It may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Bad: It contributes to sleeplessness and other sleep related diseases.

7. Good: It may increase the effectiveness of many pills which are taken by the patients of migraine.

8. Bad: Research proves that if you are taking high doses of caffeine (300 mg or higher), then it may lead to anxiety.

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