iPhone 6 Hidden Features

iPhone 6 Hidden Features
The iPhone 6 is here, it’s awesome and you probably already want one.
But even if you watched the announcement live, you probably missed a huge amount about what’s actually new inside the sleek 6.9mm of metal, glass and hype.

From the details of the Retina HD screen to the fact that the phone, for some reason, has a barometer, there are a bunch of interesting features that while they’re not quite ‘hidden’, are certainly under the radar…

1. ‘Retina HD’ Display

The iPhone 6 display isn’t bigger than the iPhone 5, at 4.7 or 5.5 inches. It’s also better. Apple took pains to explain which its new ‘Retina HD’ screen has better contrast, wider viewing angles and – in the case of the Plus – a better resolution than the previous models. Read more here to find out exactly what’s changed.

2. Display Zoom

Display Zoom is a new feature for the larger iPhone 6 which lets you decide whether to show more apps on the screen, or zoom in and show them bigger in the same configuration as on the iPhone 5 and 5S.

3. Landscape Mode

The new iPhone 6 Plus has a landscape more for its homescreen, letting you use it more like an iPad if you’re so inclined. Some key apps like Mail have also been redesigned to let you be “more productive”, Apple says.

4. Metal

“Metal” is a new games performance engine designed to build console-quality games on an iPhone. Apple says “Metal is optimized to allow the CPU and GPU to work together to deliver detailed graphics and complex visual effects. So every imaginary world you visit will feel much more realistic.”. The upshot is that if you have an A8 processor, games will look amazing.

5. Under Pressure

The iPhone 6 now has a barometer – meaning you can automatically track your elevation right down to how many flights of stairs you climbed that day.

6. Super 4G

The iPhone 6 is now capable of 4G download speeds up to 150 mb/s, has support for WiFi speeds up to three times faster than was possible on the previous generation, and – on selected carriers, including EE in the UK – will handle HD voice calling. Which is about time.

7. Siri Is Listening

Siri is listening. Now you don’t have to press the home button to call up the voice assistant – you just say ‘Hey Siri’ and it pops up.

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