This is the reason why we should be afraid of the robots

It’s well known saying that one day robots are going to replace us. But the question here is this, will it be really going to replace us or is it only science fiction thing. Well, after reading below notes you will surely going to admit that yes, they are going to replace us. So do we have to fear of them, of course we have to and if you want to know the reason, check the below article.

1. CB2: A Robot that will be going to replace your kids

CB2: A Robot that will be going to replace your kids

Professor Ishiguro at the Science and Technology Department of Japan’s Osaka University created this so called 4 foot “CB2″ robot that mimics the gestures and intellect of 2 years old kid.

2. WD-2: The Robot that can imitate your facial gestures

WD-2: The Robot that can imitate your facial gestures

WD-2 uses its 17  key points with total of 56 degrees of freedom to mimic your facial expressions. Atsuo Takanishi and colleagues from Waseda University in Tokyo have  been working on this robot for around 2003. If somehow this technology gets in wrong hand it will be almost impossible for anyone to tell the difference between humans and bots.

3. The Nautilus: The Robot that can forecast the future

The Nautilus: The Robot that can forecast the future

This one is most dangerous if in wrong hands. Just be using the news stories and articles this one can predict where and when things will happen. This was behind the reason how Osama Bin Laden was traced out. Just by looking over the articles, it narrowed down the Laden’s location which was Abbottabad, Pakistan.

4. IBM Watson

 IBM Watson

Watson is a super robot kind of thing. It uses its incredible large database including around 200 million content pages which includes all of the wikipedia to search out the answer to many questions. It uses cognitive technology to think more like human than like computer.

5. Kodomoroid: News Reporter Robot

Kodomoroid: News Reporter Robot

Hiroshi Ishiguro of the University of Osaka create a robot which can read news more efficiently then human beings. But saying this i also fear that one day our news reporters get replaced by this and may only appear in dark nights to announce the downfall of human race.

6. Google Brain

Google Brain

This one is google’s latest invention which helps it much from google indexing to other things. Like most normal human being this one also spends much of its day time watching cat videos.

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